Beagle Puppy Training Help

Beagle Training can start from the moment you fall in love with your puppy and take them home for the first time.

Beagles are a superior and very intellectual breed of dog which have been around for over 2 millennium. Very minimal health issues and a fantastic demeanor make them a spectacular choice of dog. And do not forget the most famous beagle of them all Snoopy! Beagles are thinking dogs but also have a very stubborn side which can make a chore of beagle puppy training. Beagle puppy training should start immediately when the beagle arrives at its new home in order for it to become an obedient, caring and respectful member of the household.

Pick Your Beagle!

It is love a first sight with Beagle puppies, their funny ears and gorgeous eyes. Unwittingly a lot of beagle owner rush in without truly knowing the real commitment of owning a puppy. We want a loving member of your family, so before instantly falling in love with your puppy you must learn everything about beagle puppy training. Firstly, it is imperative that you get your beagle puppy from someone who is trustworthy. It is expected that your will ask the seller for proof and references that the puppy is in acceptable health. The owner should give you the preference to what puppy you would like subject to availability. It is tempting to choose the most brave and bold beagle puppy who runs directly up to you. Being a confident puppy is not bad, but can cause some difficulties when it comes to training. So, once you have selected you we puppy, and of course taken them to their new home you can start your beagle puppy training! Now on with the Beagle Puppy Training!

Beagle training should start as soon as you get your new puppy home. By doing this your puppy will develop great habits for the remainder of its life. By using repetition and positive methods your beagle will learn. Food is a great reward for your beagle! Use the greats hints and tips below when your training your beagle puppy. As your puppy gets older you can introduce more training.

  • House Training: At the time your beagle is old enough, begin your basic house training. Stick to schedule, use confinement and always watch your beagle puppy. Give your puppy a food reward when they use the right place! By doing this your puppy will continue its great behavior.
  • Leash Walking: As soon as your beagle is old enough you can teach them to work on the leash. A beagle likes to find new smells and once they do they are off! If this does happen, you will have tugging on your lead. Remember, teach your beagle o walk on a leash from a young age – it will make things a lot easier.
  • Important Basic Commands: A few basic commands you can teach your beagle at a young age include lie down, sit and stay. Your beagle will learn them and remember them for their lifetime if your continually repeat the instructions. Again remember to give your beagle a treat for good behavior.

The results from beagle training will make all the hard work worth it in the end. Beagles are a loving and energetic breed.

Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online: Is This Worth Checking Out?

Do you find yourself in a position whereby your new puppy or dog is a bit wild and requires some training? This is something that a lot of people will find themselves saying yes to, but the problem here is that they may have no idea how to even get started, so it will clearly be of interest to people that it is possible to get training tips from somebody that has worked on movies in Hollywood because everybody knows how well trained those animals tend to be. However, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is going to cost you a fortune, but in actual fact Dove Cresswell has made it both easier and cheaper than you think thanks to the creation of her Dog Training Online website.

Why Should You Listen to Dove Cresswell?

The chances are you will not have heard of her unless you pay attention to the credits at the end, but in actual fact Dove is a well respected dog trainer that has been doing this job for her entire life. Her story began with her working as an assistant at a veterinary surgery, but by the age of 18 she knew she wanted to be an animal trainer for the movies with this then becoming her main goal in life.

In order to achieve her goal she enrolled in a professional animal training course and spent her apprenticeship learning how to train animals specifically for roles on the big screen. Since then, her experience and confidence in her own ability is clear for all to see when you watch how she trains animals and how quickly they respond to her and you too can also learn how to train your own dog just like her.

So What Is Her Website?

First, this website is subscription based, but there are no downloads involved and you do not have to wait on anything being sent to you either so all of the information is accessible immediately. What your subscription gives you is unlimited access to all of her videos and training manuals and thanks to the way it has been designed you will be able to check them out from any device that is connected to the internet and this does mean it will work perfectly with your new smart phone.

Is The Information On Dog Training Online Better Than Other Information Out There?

In short, yes it is because Dove understands how reading a book is useless with dog training because instead you need to see and hear the actions used as well as even the body language as it all makes a difference when it comes to training your dog. By seeing her doing every action it will allow you to directly replicate her moves and this will, in turn, increase your own confidence when it comes to teaching your dog new tricks. Her site has over 50 videos for you to watch with them covering various areas such as teaching tricks, obedience and dealing with their behavior so there really is a lot to go on.

When it comes to her approach, then it depends on problem because with obedience and tricks she will show you every step that you need to take in order to teach your dog. In the case of behavior problems, then she will describe the issue and then show you the steps to correct the problem quickly and efficiently, but it is worth saying a bit more about each area to help you see why her videos are better than others.

In the case of her obedience videos, then you will be shown how you can end up with a very well behaved dog that can sit, stay, heel and a number of other things that you should really take for granted. She will take you through various training sessions for you to then go and put into practice with your dog and there is no doubt that you will see a real difference in a short period of time.

For the behavior videos, she tackles issues such as anxiety problems, aggression, jumping up, and breaking things as they will drive an owner to distraction and indeed a lot of people give up their dog when there is no need to do such a thing. Instead, Dove shows you how to deal with the problem resulting in a well behaved dog and allows you to build a loving relationship throughout their life.

Finally, the trick videos will show how you can teach them various things that will not only amuse others, but will also give the dog something that they will love doing. These videos are just a bit of fun, but you will spend many a happy hour teaching them a new trick and will be so happy when they get it right.

It is also worth noting that she does have a section dedicated to puppies, since they have different needs, and this is where you will learn about crate training, them biting, how to get them to socialize and various other issues that are extremely common. By teaching them at an early age your puppy will learn about what is right and what is wrong and it will make a huge difference in the relationship that you then have with them.

Can It All Be Trusted?

Quite simply, yes you can trust what Dove says as she is not just somebody that has compiled a series of videos, but instead she is a fully qualified animal trainer with years of experience behind her. She also only uses tried and tested methods and there is nothing complicated in there and if you want to give it a go without committing yourself, then there is the option of joining for a month for only $7.99 with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Her Bonuses

Last of all, if all of this does not sound enough, then subscribers to her site also get a number of video and audio bonuses for them to check out. These bonuses will just give you some extra advice on how to tackle more issues or teach new tricks and overall it just adds to the wealth of information that you will get by subscribing to her website.

To conclude, Dog Training Online is certainly a website that you should consider joining if you are interested in training your dog and solving some issues that you may be having with them. You will get access to a number of tools from a Hollywood animal trainer and there is also a money back guarantee should you be unhappy with it, so there really is no risk in giving it a shot and you only have everything to gain from doing so.