Digital Coaching – How Consultants, Trainers and Coaches Can Increase Revenue With Less Stress

You’re a consultant, coach, trainer, author or teacher, so of course you already market your business. You probably even think you have all of your bases covered. But you don’t. If you are delivering your expertise one client at a time or in small groups, there is another untapped strategy that can increase your revenue without increasing the time it takes to deliver your services.

So what is it?

Digital Coaching

Digital coaching allows you to offer your expertise in the form of training or educational material to a whole new pool of customers located around the world. You can then expand your reach to a new audience and they can take advantage of your expertise without traveling. It’s a win-win situation for all involved!

Customers can get to know you through entry-level products or services and as they get to know you better, they can upgrade through your various levels culminating perhaps into a one-on-one client. This “funnel” takes the place of a personal reference, which is almost a necessity for a person whose first engagement with you is a one-on-one consultation.

Less Stress and More Personal Freedom

The beauty of digital coaching is that you do the work once and then deliver it to many people over and over on autopilot. When you compare that business model to the one where you only get paid when you spend your time with clients, I know you can readily see the benefits of less stress and more personal freedom.

One Size Fits All?

You may be thinking, “Everybody is different. How can I create a one-size-fits-all product?” If you think about it, there are parts of your coaching or teaching that you present to 99% of your clients so they can grasp higher level concepts later.

Your digital coaching will encompass these prerequisite concepts. In a nutshell, digital coaching takes your potential clients through a series of baby steps so that when they reach the logical next step, they are better prepared to work with you anyway.

What if you are a licensed professional and can only service people in a particular state? Think of digital coaching the same as a book, a seminar or educational presentation. In fact if you have authored a book already, that material is perfect for a digital coaching series.

Exclusive Access

We’ve all heard about client acquisition, but what about client retention? Sure you are familiar with the term, but what does it really mean? How do you “retain” your clients without forcing your products down their throats? Is there really a way to ensure they will continue to do business with you even after their initial purchase? The short answer is, yes! The key is to make them feel like they are a part of something. Assure them that they are receiving quality care and special attention.

Let your customers know that this way of doing business with you is “exclusive”. They will even benefit financially from rates discounted from your higher fees, free materials and special offers on some of your most in-demand products and best kept industry secrets.

They will become “members” of your coaching or educational program within a special members’ area on your website. Your content will be locked behind a special login that only they will have access to. They will be greeted by name when they visit this special area.

Digital coaching has so many advantages for consultants, trainers, speakers, authors and coaches that it is definitely worth consideration.

Networkers Can Grow Their Careers by Hiring a Coach!

If you’re looking for the key to massive growth within your team, then take a look at coaching or mentoring. This idea alone has caused networkers to reach new heights in their professional careers. This strategy is probably the most over ignored idea when it comes to new people trying to build a business.

In order to get the most out of being mentored, you must find the most highly qualified person available who can show you how to take your business to the next level. If you look at some of the top athletes of our time like Tiger Woods, he still travels with a coach on his team to help him correct any problems that he might face on the golf course.

Also look at guys like Michael Jordan, probably the world’s greatest basketball player ever and he was still a team player and lead by a coach when on the court. He knew the value of having a good leader.

So why is that anyway? Some people think that a good mentor should earn more than they do or they aren’t qualified to lead. That’s not always the case, don’t some athletes make more than their actual coaches?

A good leader’s job is to be there and to keep you on track. Leaders are there to help identify and to help strengthen the skill sets that they identify in their team members. The real benefit of having a good leader is now you are accountable to someone for all your actions.

Have you ever talked to someone who has years of networking experience? They might suggest implementing a leadership program for everyone on the team who is willing to follow instructions. Who wouldn’t appreciate leadership like this? One way to get the coaching started in your group is to have one leader offer to coach his leader and then have them pass this idea down to the last person standing.

The good thing about mentoring your team members is it stops confusion about what they should be doing next. 80% of what you do on a daily basis should all be focused on making money, not shuffling paperwork on your desk or hanging out in a chat room. If you are one of the lucky ones in network marketing, your instincts seem to tell you what to do next, but most people need that extra help.

Even if you have everything in place for your downline, it can sometimes be overwhelming and they have no clue even were to start. By offering some mentoring and heading them in the right direction they tend to be more productive. Also you’ll find your sponsoring and recruiting will tend to be somewhat higher.

It’s an outstanding way to look at it. So how do you attract a good coach into your life? It just takes some time, look around and maybe ask for a referral. Also if you want to attract a good mentor be willing to take some action and get ready to start to learn.

One mistake that many new people make after hiring a mentor is to interrupt them with adding thoughts of their own. When dealing with a new coach be willing to listen and learn. Sometimes people see us way different than how we actually see ourselves and they can help us improve on our good qualities.

If a coach chooses to be direct and not mince words, don’t take offense but listen as to why the comment was made and how you can correct the problem. Some suggestions that coaches make to you could actually add more money to your pocket.

Once you make the decision to hire a coach, you need to shelve your ego and be humble and coachable other wise, you wind up in a battle of wits and totally wasting your time and money.

Most people are searching and looking for the right road to take and a good coach can put you on that road. Just like flying a remote airplane, you constantly adjust and make corrections until the plane safely lands and that’s how a coach works with you on a daily or weekly basis’s. Here are some suggestions that will help you. Make sure you track everything that you do, keep good records on expenditures, leads generated, what advertising is working and what is not. Always be in the know so you can adjust and change courses if you need to. Also keep track of how many presentations you’re doing and how many 3 way calls you’re involved with. The main reason for tracking is to improve on what’s working and also you know what to dump that isn’t working. Having a good, clear goal in mind and also written down is a big help in steering your business along. If you have clear and precise goals laid out, then it’s much easier for a coach to help you achieve them. Remember your coach is not a crying towel, so save the whining and open both ears and start learning while at the same time take notes. Be sure to follow the exact advice that your coach gives you.

A good coach can just be a phone call away, so decide how much you can afford to spend on a monthly basis. When you do hire a coach and they are willing to invest their time and energy helping you grow your business, be appreciative and thank God for sending them to you. Once you have mastered the idea of being coached, pass the information on and start helping the people in your down line as well.