How to Learn Spanish Fast? 3 Tips

Do you want to learn Spanish fast? There are many methods that can speed up your learning rate. In this article I’m going to show you three tips to learn Spanish fast.

1. Cognates are your friends

There are many Spanish words that are very similar to English words. Do you know what Spanish “aceptar” means? Yes, it’s “accept”. “Sensual”? Yes, it’s “sensual”. There are literally hundreds of words like this. So, if you know English, you already know a lot of Spanish words!

2. Make use of the Internet

There are dozens of super useful websites for all language learners. You can easily find a pen pal (Livemocha), find someone who will proofread your writings for free (Lang-8), someone who will read aloud something in Spanish for you for free (Rhinospike) and even some native speakers who will be more than willing to help you practice your Spanish if you host them at your home for a few days (Couchsurfing)!

3. Learn on your own

Self-studying is way more effective than studying with a group. You just need to develop a habit to study every day and you will learn a few times faster than with a group. Don’t be scared, self-studying isn’t difficult! In fact, it’s super fun!

Follow these tips and I’m sure that you will learn Spanish fast. However, remember that it won’t happen overnight. While it’s possible to learn a new language in a few months, you should know that only practice makes perfect. People who learn Spanish in a few months study a few hours EVERY day. So, if you want to learn it quickly too, study a lot every day. Good luck and have fun!