Digital Coaching – How Consultants, Trainers and Coaches Can Increase Revenue With Less Stress

You’re a consultant, coach, trainer, author or teacher, so of course you already market your business. You probably even think you have all of your bases covered. But you don’t. If you are delivering your expertise one client at a time or in small groups, there is another untapped strategy that can increase your revenue without increasing the time it takes to deliver your services.

So what is it?

Digital Coaching

Digital coaching allows you to offer your expertise in the form of training or educational material to a whole new pool of customers located around the world. You can then expand your reach to a new audience and they can take advantage of your expertise without traveling. It’s a win-win situation for all involved!

Customers can get to know you through entry-level products or services and as they get to know you better, they can upgrade through your various levels culminating perhaps into a one-on-one client. This “funnel” takes the place of a personal reference, which is almost a necessity for a person whose first engagement with you is a one-on-one consultation.

Less Stress and More Personal Freedom

The beauty of digital coaching is that you do the work once and then deliver it to many people over and over on autopilot. When you compare that business model to the one where you only get paid when you spend your time with clients, I know you can readily see the benefits of less stress and more personal freedom.

One Size Fits All?

You may be thinking, “Everybody is different. How can I create a one-size-fits-all product?” If you think about it, there are parts of your coaching or teaching that you present to 99% of your clients so they can grasp higher level concepts later.

Your digital coaching will encompass these prerequisite concepts. In a nutshell, digital coaching takes your potential clients through a series of baby steps so that when they reach the logical next step, they are better prepared to work with you anyway.

What if you are a licensed professional and can only service people in a particular state? Think of digital coaching the same as a book, a seminar or educational presentation. In fact if you have authored a book already, that material is perfect for a digital coaching series.

Exclusive Access

We’ve all heard about client acquisition, but what about client retention? Sure you are familiar with the term, but what does it really mean? How do you “retain” your clients without forcing your products down their throats? Is there really a way to ensure they will continue to do business with you even after their initial purchase? The short answer is, yes! The key is to make them feel like they are a part of something. Assure them that they are receiving quality care and special attention.

Let your customers know that this way of doing business with you is “exclusive”. They will even benefit financially from rates discounted from your higher fees, free materials and special offers on some of your most in-demand products and best kept industry secrets.

They will become “members” of your coaching or educational program within a special members’ area on your website. Your content will be locked behind a special login that only they will have access to. They will be greeted by name when they visit this special area.

Digital coaching has so many advantages for consultants, trainers, speakers, authors and coaches that it is definitely worth consideration.